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Every 1% Loss in Singulation Costs You up to 2.5 Bu/A*

Meter performance is a key contributor to yield. If your meters perform at less than 99% singulation, you are losing out on yield. Walk your fields and measure off 17' 5'' on one of your 30'' rows. Is there one skip? Is there one double? Are there more? Can you afford that at today's grain prices?

Every Seed Counts

Planting RIB? Using high rate seed treatments or inoculants? Seed not consistently graded? Successfully singulating seed is getting harder. Not all meter can handle these inconsistencies in seed shape, size, and density. How well is your meter performing today?

Getting 99%+ Singulation in Corn with vSet 

vSet uses a high vacuum setting and an aggressive singlator to properly singulate seed across a variety of sizes and shapes. There is no need to change the disk, the singlator settings, or the vacuum level. By the time the disk passes the singulator, one seed is ready to drop down the tube. Every time. Just pour in the seed and plant.

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