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Reduce Complexity 

Today's standard drive systems are complex, made up of 138* parts that must work together perfectly to position your seed for success. Even with a well-maintained planter, every one of those parts in the system increases your risk of planting errors. Planting your crop is the most important thing you will do each year. You've picked the right hybrids, the right population, the right fertility plan. Do you want to risk all that on the performance of 138 interacting parts.

Drive Systems Can be Complicated

Ground and hydraulic systems are comprised of chains, sprockets, clutches, hex shaft, and bearing. It just takes one of these parts to fail to impact your planter's performance. You could have a kinked chain, a slipping drive wheel, a worn-out bearing, a failed clutch, or any number of issues that would result in poor singulation, spacing, or  population.

vDrive is Simpler

vDrive replaces these 138 parts with 1 simple electric motor on each row, minimizing your risk and maintenance during planting.

vDrive: Product
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