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Increase Planter Productivity

We've all been there. Heavy rains keep coming and you can't get in the field. When weather and planting conditions are ideal, you want to plant as much you can. You're currently limited though in you planting capacity because the mechanical capabilities of your current planter limit the speed at which you can plant without compromising performance.

2 Reasons Seed Tubes Struggle

As row units and meters bounce, seeds drop at different speeds, changing the spacing between them. Plus, as planting speeds increase, seeds increasingly bounce and roll in the seed trench. 

SpeedTube Gives You a Better Way

Replace your existing seed tube with SpeedTube. It utilizes two feeder wheels to grab the seed off the vSet disk and place it into a belt that controls the seed all the way into the trench. The independent electric drive within SpeedTube matches the ground peed of the planter, enabling an ideal drop of the seed into the trench. Go twice as fast through the field on the planter pass, while still maintaining the planting performance you want.

SpeedTube: Product
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