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The Furrow - The Seed's Lifetime

Digging seeds is a time consuming yet important task at planting time. Getting your eyes on the furrow, where the seeds are placed, will allow you to understand if those seeds are in an environment to thrive. Does the seed have adequate temperature and moisture? Has it been surrounded by clean soil, free of residue? What is the power of the soil to feed the growing plant? Until now, you didn't know these things for every seed, you were simply guessing. With SmartFirmer you can now have eyes in the furrow. 

Smarter Every Season

Soil warmth and moisture are the two most critical factor to consider at planting time for rapid, uniform germination to happen. SmartFirmer Measures soil temperature in real time and displays it on the 20|20 allowing you to decide if the soil is warm enough for germination to happen quickly. Moisture can vary from heavy low ground to a sandy knob in the field, and SmartFirmer will show this change to you, allowing you to choose to plant a little deeper to maintain adequate moisture. Mechanical problems on the row unit, such as a loose gauge wheel can cause dry soil to shower into the furrow. SmartFirmer would alert you to this, allowing you to look for the issue on the row unit and fix it. 

Residue Visibility

Old crop residue in the furrow hurts a seed's ability to germinate quickly, but it can also carry disease into the new crop. SmartFirmer senses residue in the furrow and displays a clean furrow metric on the 20|20. SmartFirmer residue sensing compliments a floating row cleaner control system like CleanSweep by allowing farmer to have confidence that the furrow is cleared and that the row cleaner settings are correct. 

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