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Trading Planter Doesn't Always Make Sense

When many farmers trade planters, the goal is to get the latest technology as well as an updated row unit. Typically the tool bar of the planter is in great shape. What if you could get the updated row unit and technology you want, without the expense and hassle of trading planters.

Keep Your Planter, Upgrade Your Row Unit

Instead of trading for an updated planter at significant expense, why not simply put a new row units on your current planter? The Precision Planting Ready Row Unit allows you to do just that. Keep you tool bar, add new row units, and then add the technology that you want on top of this new foundation. The Precision Planting Ready Row Unit is fully customizable to your operation's needs with different gauge wheel options, closing wheel options, hopper configurations, and fertility attachments. Don't trade, upgrade.

Build the Planter You Want

The most important pieces of the planter are the row unit and the technology. The Precision Planting Ready Row Unit comes ready to accept a wide range of Precision Planting products. No two farms are the same, no two planters are the same, and now you can build the planter you want for your farm. The planter you already own is capable of more than you can imagine, and you local Precision Planting Dealer can consult with you on how to get the most out of that machine

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