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Simply Managing Row Cleaners Could Give You 11.8 Bu/A* 

When Residue is not removed from the path of the row unit, expect yield loss. Pinning residue in-furrow can wick moisture away from the seed delaying emergence. In-furrow, incorporated, and surface residue increases disease pressure. 

Manually Adjusting Floating Row Cleaners

Setting your row cleaners so that they adequately clear the path in front of the row unit while not trenching is a time consuming, often painful process. If you don't have the right setting at the beginning of the field, how many times are you willing to stop in the field to get them set correctly. 

Simple Adjustments From the Cab

By adding CleanSweep to floating row cleaners in the cab as often as necessary to get the best results without sacrificing planting time. Need more pressure to get a cleaner path? Need less pressure to prevent trenching? Simply adjust the pressure from the cap and keep planting. 

CleanSweep: Product
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